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We encourage each participant on the 10in10 and Family 5in5 Challenge events to try to raise a minimum of £250 each (10in10) £250 per team (Family 5in5) for the MS Society UK and the 10in10 research fund.

Why we fundraise

We appreciate that some participants can raise much more than £200 each and some raise less, we encourage everybody to have a go to raise as much as they can and we will help with fundraising tips.  However we do understand it is not always possible, and please do not let this stop you taking part.

Having raised £733,818.00 , we want to commit to raising a whopping £100k in 2024.  We welcome as many hikers as possible to take up either our Annual Family 5in5 or 10in10 

In 2023 we are getting behind the MS Society ‘Stop MS’ Appeal. We have pledged all of our fundraising money to The Cambridge Myelin Repair Centre.  We had a fascinating visit to the Centre in 2017 and are delighted to be able to contribute to the funding of their world renowned research into Myelin Repair.

PLEASE can participants of the Annual 10in10 and 5in5 2024, set up a NEW 2024 JustGiving page attached to this event. Please DO NOT use old pages. It makes it very difficult for us to track the fundraising amounts on old pages. On entry to one of our events, you will be directed by Si Entries to set up your individual JustGiving page.  PLEASE SET YOUR JustGiving page up when you enter one of our events.

At the time of booking onto the Challenge, you will be asked if you would like to set up a JustGiving page for the MS Society. Please just follow the link to set up a page easily and quickly This is a great way to fundraise because you can share your page on Social Media, and ask friends and family from afar to sponsor you. Remember you will be walking 10 peaks in 10 hours or 5 peaks in 5 hours and it is a huge challenge, most people will want to encourage you by donating. Be bold and share and its amazing how generous people are. We can also send you a sponsorship form, should you wish to collect sponsorship money in this way.

Do it the old fashioned way. MS Society Sponsor Form and send your cheques to: 10in10 challenge, 12 Manor Park, Keswick, CA12 4AA. Cheques made payable to MS Society UK please.

Tips for fundraising

10in10 is committed to raising as much money as possible to pass to MS Society research projects, which are working hard to beat MS.

We appreciate that, sometimes, it can be hard to fundraise and so here are some ideas to inspire you. You are signing up for a memorable and tough event, requiring a good deal of training. It will challenge you and people will hopefully be willing to support you with a donation. Here are our ten tips to successful fundraising; hopefully some may appeal to you:

  1. Set up your JustGiving account, when prompted while registering with us. This will automatically link you to our 10in10, or 5in5 event, in aid of the MS Society. This is a great way to start your fundraising and you can add any amounts you make, via other fundraising (see below) to this page.
  2. JustGiving is immensely shareable. Facebook or Twitter can help you to inspire donations. Some of our previous hikers report more donations when they record and upload selfie training videos, adding their link to JustGiving. People seem to react to a direct appeal, especially when they can see you're putting the effort in
  3. Get your wider work/college/club circles involved. Put a few posters up with your JustGiving Page on and let them know how much you're doing to beat MS. Those watercooler moments may mean you get a reactive donation, or they may even be inspired to join your team which means even more funds. . It may also help to carry a few slips of paper with your JustGiving page name printed on it, so that people you meet on a daily basis can visit your page later.
  4. Can you bake? Why not do some simple cakes or tray bakes for your colleagues/fellow students. Even one day a week, for a few weeks, of doing this can mean you're adding hundreds to your total.
  5. In need of a good clear out at home? If you enjoy a good car boot, or table top sale, why not turn your pre-loved items into donations for your 10in10 page! Ask your friends and family if they'd like to donate items for you to sell as well.
  6. Are you, or your friends, talented musicians/performers? Could you put on a show to support your 10in10/5in5? There are many ways to do this and the MS Society have a helpful guide on their website
  7. Is the air often blue around you? Do your friends and colleagues swear a lot? Why not introduce a swear box for donations to your 10in10/5in5. Even a few weeks can mean some seriously good additions to your JustGiving page.
  8. Another nice way to fundraise at work/college is a simple guess the amount of sweets in a jar for a small donation (50p?). If you can find/borrow a big jar, get a load of sweets and count them, then it can work really well. Wholesalers can be worthwhile, if you have access to one.
  9. Do you have a friendly local who may be willing to put on a fun pub day or night? These can involve loads of different Fundraising activities, games etc. The landlord/lady will often have ideas they can share and they can raise loads more for your JustGiving page.
  10. Keep your supporters warm, by updating your JustGiving page with inspiring progress messages, they'll receive notifications and feel engaged with your experience. Some people do videos on the actual day and if you've kept people updated, they may donate again to celebrate with you.

Please remember that fundraising shouldn't have to cost you a fortune. An effective fundraiser should cover their costs and raise a decent amount for the charity effort. If you would like to discuss any of these ideas in detail, then please email us at

Enjoy your training and we can't wait to see you at the 10in10.

Where your money goes

We have supported the MS Society with every 10in10 event and give mainly to research, with some funding staying locally with MS Society Allerdale Group to help people with MS in the North Lakes.

Prior to 2013, we supported 'general' research by the MS Society. In 2013, we decided that we would like to pick MS Society projects that were of interest to us and we thought would also be interesting for our participants. These have been, in order:

2013 - Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair - Professor Robin Franklin - £22,500

  • When myelin, the fatty protective layer that surrounds nerve fibres, is attacked by the immune system in MS the nerve can become exposed. This leaves it vulnerable to damage, which is the main contributor to disability in MS. As such, finding ways to repair myelin is a key research aim.
  • The MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair was set up in 2005 with £1.6 million from the MS Society. Their overall aim is to find treatments that promote myelin repair for people with MS.
  • Some ground-breaking discoveries have been made from this Centre of Excellence, including in 2015, when the team discovered that a protein activated by vitamin D could be involved in the myelin repair process.

2014 - MS SMART - Secondary Progressive Multi Arm Trial- DrJeremy Chataway - £40,000.

  • MS SMART is a pioneering phase 2 trial, investigating whether 3 potential treatments that are already being used for heart disease, motor neuron disease (MND) and depression, could slow or halt disability progression in people with secondary progressive MS.
  • All 3 drugs have the potential to protect nerves from damage, which could ultimately stop or slow disability progression. Testing 3 drugs at once is much quicker and cheaper than running 3 individual trials and, because researchers already know their safety profiles, it could take considerably less time to run trials.
  • The trial has now finished recruiting, with results expected in 2018

2015 - Myelin Repair Projects at Glasgow University, including identifying re-myelination markers - Dr Julia Edgar - £55,000

  • This was a one year project that developed a technique called a 'high throughput screen' to identify molecules that have the potential to encourage myelin repair in people with MS.
  • Researchers at the University of Glasgow worked alongside the Scottish Bio screening Facility to successfully set up dishes of myelinating cells in a laboratory using robotic work stations.
  • This new system will allow hundreds of myelinating cell cultures to be processed in a short time. The researchers are now using the system to screen potential myelin repair drugs and to understand more about the causes of MS.

2016 - Finding new ways to protect oligodendrocytes - Dr Julia Edgar - £72,000

  • It is not known exactly how damage accumulates in MS but we do know that myelin making cells called oligodendrocytes are injured. Injured oligodendrocytes are unable to make myelin as efficiently resulting in less myelin repair.
  • Julia's project is investigating a particular structure called the myelinic channel and the role it may play in oligodendrocyte injury. If this channel appears to be damaged under MS conditions this may help to explain why oligodendrocytes become injured.
  • Treatments to prevent damage to the myelinic channel may help protect the oligodendrocytes. This might enable them to replace damaged myelin and prevent damage to the nerve. Having raised over £ £733,818 into research, since 2011, we want to commit to raising a whopping £100k in 2024.  We welcome as many hikers as possible to take up either our Annual 5in5 or 10in10 In 2018 we have pledged 50 % of our fundraising money to allow Prof Chris Linnington and Dr Julia Edgar to finish their 2 year project in Glasgow, investigating ‘pro inflammatory feedback loops in progressive MS’ and 50% towards the work of Prof Robin Franklin at Cambridge Myelin Repair Centre.  We previously supported Cambridge in 2013 and have decided that we would like to once again add to the funding of their world renowned research into Myelin Repair. In 2021/22/23, 100% of our fundraising money will be directed to the continued work of Prof Robin Franklin and The Cambridge Myelin Repair Centre.

Yvonne received the MS Society Fundraiser of the Year Award in 2013.

Duncan and Yvonne were given a laboratory tour at Glasgow University and enjoyed lunch with Dr Julia Edgar in October 2016. This allowed them to see where the funds go and to get some great insight into how research is progressing.

In 2018 Duncan and Yvonne were invited to attend a reception with The Prime Minister, at 10 Downing Street.  It was to celebrate advancements in MS Research. Over the last 20 years MS research has led to major advances in treatments. Breakthroughs so far have been funded through the tireless fundraising of our volunteers, generosity of our donors, and the dedication of scientists. We now have an unprecedented opportunity to develop a programme of effective treatments that could slow or stop the damage caused by MS and make medical history. To achieve our bold ambition we have launched the Stop MS Appeal. This campaign aims to raise £100 million. This will revolutionise treatment and change the course of MS.

We have now passed over £20,000 to Allerdale MS Society Group. It may be that we work with other small groups from time to time and we will update this FAQ accordingly.

Who We Are

Who We Are

The annual 10in10 challenge was designed and created by Yvonne Booth in 2011. It was her response to her husband Duncan's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 at the age of 39. As a wife and mother of three sons, she wanted to do something positive and help raise money for research into this cruel illness. find out more →

I love the 10in10 - beautiful countryside, excellent organisation, lovely people and a great challenge Nick